Cara Swit

Senior LecturerDr Cara Swit

Waimairi 120
Internal Phone: 94408
Educational and Developmental Psychology


Research Interests

My research interests include social cognitive processing in preschool-age children and the relationship with relational and physical aggression. From a Social Learning perspective, I also conduct research on teacher and parent normative beliefs about different behaviours and how these directly/indirectly influence child behaviour. I am also very interesting in developing novel measures to assess complex cognitive processes in young children.

Recent Publications

  • Swit CS., McMaugh A. and Warburton W. (2017) Teacher and Parent Perceptions of Relational and Physical Aggression During Early Childhood. Journal of Child and Family Studies 27(1): 118-130.
  • Swit CS., McMaugh A. and Warburton WA. (2016) Preschool children’s beliefs about the acceptability of relational and physical aggression. International Journal of Early Childhood 48(1): 111-127.
  • Swit CS. and McMaugh A. (2012) Relational aggression and prosocial behaviours in Australian preschool children. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood 37(3): 30-34.
  • Swit CS. (2018) Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviours. Kidsfirst Kindergartens Professional Learning Hui 2018, 17-18 Apr 2018
  • Swit CS. (2015) Preschool Children's Use of Aggression and Socio-Psychological Outcomes. Wollongong, NSW: The Inaugural Early Start Conference, 28-30 Sep 2015