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What we can learn from the highest-performing school systems in PISA 

Wednesday 8 November 4:30pm - 5:30pm, Wheki 302

Presenter: Professor Anne Sliwka, University of Heidelberg, School of Education.
The first OECD PISA study 2000 is in retrospect seen as a wake-up call for the German school system. The data showed problematic issues regarding both equity and excellence in education. In recent years, we have been trying to understand what the highest-performing school systems in the world do differently in order to learn from them. In a recently published book we analysed the school systems and the education policies of the five countries which have consistently done well in the PISA studies since 2000: Japan, Canada, Finland, Shanghai/China and Singapore to analyse various factors shaping these highly successful systems. In the presentation, I will briefly present the five school systems and their main features and philosophies. I will also reflect on cultural differences and similarities between these systems