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College of Education, Health and Human Development


University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 369 3333 ext: 93333

Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor 

Gail Gillon

Amorangi Ako me te Hauora
Pro-Vice-Chancellor - College of Education
Ōrakipaoa 104
Internal Phone: 93491

Adele Cleveland

Personal Assistant to Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Ōrakipaoa 103
Internal Phone: 93415

Dean's Office

Julie Mackey

Associate Professor
Dean of Education and Health
Ōrakipaoa 106
Internal Phone: 93419

Administrative Staff

Nicki McMillan

Internal Phone: 93390

Roselle Bremmers

Internal Phone: 93396

Tracey Taylor

Internal Phone: 93420

Maddy Glen

Administration Assistant
Internal Phone: 93507

Loren Woodhouse

Internal Phone: 93846

Louise Clark

Internal Phone: 93397

Liz Jaganath

Internal Phone: 93392

Emma Clark

Administrative Assistant
Internal Phone: 93395

Jennifer Clayton-Smith

Internal Phone: 93398

Karen Campbell

Internal Phone: 93391

Regional Administrators

Emma Hall

Administrator - Nelson Centre
Internal Phone: 92151

Joanna Rogers

Administrative Assistant - Rotorua Centre
Internal Phone: 95776

Michelle Gibbons

Administrative Assistant - New Plymouth
Internal Phone: 92321

Student Advisors

Lynette Magson

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 116
Internal Phone: 93295

Gemma Harte

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 117
Internal Phone: 93294

Manja Pieters

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 109
Internal Phone: 93297

Kirsty Fraser

Student Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 118
Internal Phone: 93296

Academic Management

Sarah Petersen

Academic Manager
Internal Phone: 93566

Tamara Kirwan

Māori Education Support Coordinator
Solway Ave
Internal Phone: 95988

Tufulasi Taleni

Kaiārahi Pasifika
Wheki 120A
Internal Phone: 93389

Liz Brown

Kaiārahi Māori
Te Ao Marama 201A
Internal Phone: 94319

Centre for Professional Practice & Partnerships

Berni Aulavemai

Professional Practice Administrator (Early Childhood)
Internal Phone: 94246

Lynda Boyd

Manager – Centre for Professional Practice & Partnerships
Ōrakipaoa 119

Kerrie Bruce

Administration Assistant
Internal Phone: 93412

Selai Nakaroti

Professional Practice Administrator (Primary)
Internal Phone: 93410

Janet Perry

Professional Practice Administrator (Secondary)
Internal Phone: 93411

International Short Courses

Tony Baird

International Short Course Manager
Wheki 252
Internal Phone: 92086

Marketing and Communications

Traci Stanbury

Web Coordinator
Ōrakipaoa 135
Internal Phone: 93503

Nick Maitland

Marketing and Communication Coordinator
Ōrakipaoa 135
Internal Phone: 93484


Karen Clancy

Finance Administrator
Internal Phone: 93408

Simon Arnold

Finance Manager
Ōrakipaoa 112
Internal Phone: 93771

HR and Project Management

Barry Brooker

Project Manager
Ōrakipaoa 107
Phone: +643437721
Internal Phone: 44021

Anna Houkamau

Project Manager
Ōrakipaoa 133
Internal Phone: 93414

Chantel Inch

HR Advisor
Internal Phone: 95224

Gemma Keren

HR Advisor
Dovedale Village DB04
Internal Phone: 93265

Sarah Michaelides

Rehua Project - Staff Move Coordinator
Internal Phone: 95088

Polly Miller

Senior HR Advisor
Ōrakipaoa 133
Internal Phone: 93418