Loving Literacy in the Classroom - PCT/OTT workshops

Three primary school children reading together

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Course description

This series of three workshops offers beginning teachers, overseas trained teachers and teachers returning to the classroom an opportunity to explore the theory and practices needed to ensure quality literacy practices are occurring in your learning spaces for students, including English Language Learners.

These workshops will be practical, allowing time for teachers to network with fellow teachers, focus on a worthwhile literacy programme for students and explore useful resources and materials.

The workshops are based around:

  • writing as a thinker’s tool not just a narrative!
  • reading for meaning and enjoyment for all
  • Literacy Across the Curriculum – how to weave it altogether.

Developing oral language will be woven into each of the workshops.

Key elements for each or these workshops:

  • Knowing your learners, their identities, languages and cultures
  • Teaching as Inquiry to investigate your teaching practices
  • Differentiated teaching to meet differing student needs
  • Formative assessment practices
  • Developing pathways of progress, making OTJs, accelerating learning

Who should attend?

Provisionally Certificated Teachers (PCTs), teachers returning to the classroom and Overseas Trained Teachers (OTTs) in primary schools.

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

  • explore oral language, reading, and writing practices, resources and teaching strategies
  • focus on the Teaching as Inquiry process for planning learning experiences for students
  • demonstrate the inclusion of conversations and observations when making OTJs for reading and writing
  • discuss efficient ways to manage literacy teaching and learning in class while differentiating for students
  • develop confidence in creating student pathways of progress against the Learning Progression framework.

Dates and locations

Timaru Friday 9 June
Friday 30 June
Friday 4 August
9am to 2.30pm To be confirmed
Christchurch Tuesday 13 June
Tuesday 1 August
Tuesday 29 August
9am to 2.30pm Wheki 204, UC Dovedale Campus


UC Education Plus Literacy Facilitators. Presenters offer a wealth of expertise in classroom teaching, leadership roles and through their work as literacy facilitators.


$500 excluding GST. Includes morning tea and lunch.


Please enrol at the link below at least 10 working days before the date of the first workshop.