Philosophy/ Mātauranga Mātāpono

Our philosophy embodies the principles of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum (Te Whā­riki).

Te Whariki

The Teachers at the ECLC Under 2 Unit believe that any environment the children come into contact with has a powerful impact on what they learn about themselves, the people and the world around them. We believe our children require the freedom to explore the environment in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
We promote respect, love, and trust with our children. We believe in practising primary care (influenced by Magda Gerber’s philosophy), we have a truly holistic approach to their well-being. Providing a key teacher to each child, the child is able to develop a trusting relationship with the teacher which  supports trusting relationships with other teachers and children. Respectful, reciprocal and sensitive relationships support children’s autonomy, self-regulation, positive sense of self, self motivation, sense of fun and ability to cope with change.Playhouse_pa

We believe and engage in ongoing significant professional development and the sharing of knowledge with each other and the whānau of the centre. Teachers attend scheduled meetings sharing knowledge and engaging in reflective practice as well as discussing programme planning for each child. Through Te Whāriki, observation and discussion, teachers enhance opportunities to build children’s learning dispositions and working theories.
We incorporate the Treaty of Waitangi with Te Reo Maori, tikanga and an extensive use of natural resources throughout our day.

We celebrate the cultural diversity of the centre with music, language and cultural events. Knowing the family culture of a child is to fully understand the family aspirations, needs and beliefs for their child.

Please see here about our Primary Care system.