Alternative Format Centre (AFC)

Is a print disability preventing you from accessing, reading or understanding your course material?

Relax! You can get help and support right here!

The Alternative Format Centre (AFC) specialises in converting information into accessible formats for individuals with auditory and print disabilities.

Print disabilities include:

  • Vision impairment or blindness
  • Physical dexterity problems such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis
  • Learning disabilities such as dyslexia
  • Brain injury or cognitive impairment
  • Literacy difficulties
  • Early dementia

Eligibility for the services offered through Alternative Format Centre is determined by the Disability Resource Service. Students first need to discuss their needs with a Disability Resource Service Advisor to identify the most suitable supports.

Alternative Formats

The Centre currently provides the following supports:

  • Printed and written information is converted into accessible formats
  • Visual information eg. graphs, diagrams and pictorial illustrations can be converted into tactile format with captions in Braille and English where necessary
  • Videos are captioned and transcripts provided
  • Recorded audio files are transcribed into digital text/print
  • Enlarged photocopying in colour or black
  • Scanning of printed/visual information

Assistive Technology

Students are welcome to join and follow an online technology forum.

You can learn about the latest learning support tools that can help in improving your grades and maximising your academic performance. 

Please email if you would like to join.

Check out the videos from ADCET:

The Three Main Types of Assistive Technology

TextHelp Learning Support Software

This video does not have audio

Text-to-speech and Voice Dictation Technology: Uni student experience

Screen Reader Technology: Uni Student Experience

BrailleNote demonstration

Speech Recognition or Dictation Technology

Resource rooms

Resource rooms with assistive technology and equipment are available for student use.

Assistive technology at UC (training is provided) includes:

  • JAWS screen reader
  • Natural Reader screen reader
  • MAGic screen magnifier
  • ZoomText screen magnifier/reader
  • OpenBook optical character recognition
  • Dragon speech recognition
  • CCTV magnifier
  • Microtek scanner
  • TextHELP Read & Write Gold [Students can install TextHelp on any UC PC from the Software Centre found in the Start Menu]

Equipment available for loan

  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • FM hearing devices
  • Ergonomic accessories

Useful information for students

Windows 7 accessibility features

Google Drive to create, edit, share information & collaborate in real-time

Enabling technologies (PDF, 236KB, 2 pages) that include:

  • Tools to match your learning style and improve your study skills with software that is available on campus and a few other good ones that can be easily acquired at little or no cost.
  • Software for reading, writing, hands-free word processing, research, thinking and managing information.
  • Apps for mobile devices: reading, notetaking and dictation.

Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) that you can download and use.

Quick start guides

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Useful information for staff