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COSC420-13S1 (C) Semester One 2013
Intelligent Tutoring Systems

0.1250 EFTS
18 Feb 2013 - 23 Jun 2013
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This course addresses the use of artificial intelligence to create computer-based intelligent tutoring systems.

This course addresses the use of Artificial Intelligence to create computer-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs). Students will learn data-driven and theoretical methods for creating ITSs. ITSs have been demonstrated to dramatically enhance student learning in many domains, including, to name a few, mathematics, computer science, medicine, linguistics, engineering. In addition to discussion and readings about methods and models of problem solving, learning, and tutor design, the course will have a "learning by doing" component.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department.

Timetable 2013

Students must attend one activity from each activity block.
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Monday 15:00 - 17:00 Erskine 235 18 Feb - 31 Mar
22 Apr - 2 Jun

Examination and Formal Tests

Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Wednesday 09:30 - 11:30 17 Jun - 23 Jun

400-level timetable and room numbers will be advised the week before lectures start.

Course Coordinator / Lecturer

Tanja Mitrovic


Dr Bruce McLaren (Carnegie Mellon University)


Assessment Due Date Percentage 
Assignment One 15%
Assignment Two 30%
Review of Papers and Participation 10%
Exam 45%


Reading list


Domestic fee $847.00
International fee $3,725.00

For further information see Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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