Manuscript Description

Christchurch, University of Canterbury, MS 1 ("The Canterbury Roll").

A genealogical roll comprising six pieces of parchment joined at length on a canvas backing and rolled; 4890 x 334mm.

Canterbury Roll Project - Stage 1

General Editor: Dr Chris Jones [CNJ] (UC History)
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Project Adviser: Dr Natasha Hodgson (Nottingham Trent University)

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Lead Translator: Elisabeth Rolston [EMR] (UC History)
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Digital Project Specialist: Antoine Landrieu (UC Arts Digital Lab)
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UC Interns: Zhivannah Cole [ZLC]; Julian Vesty [JVE]; Saskia van der Wal [SVA]
DIGI403 Students: Lewis Borsje-Clark [LBC]; Taylor Nightingale [TCN]; Ben Piggin [BTP]

Canterbury Roll Project Website

The Canterbury Roll Project website was originally produced in connection with a UC Summer Research Scholarship project, 'A Lineage Abroad: Canterbury's Medieval Manuscript Roll' (Summer of 2012/13).

Summer Scholarship Supervisor: Dr Chris Jones [CNJ] (UC History)
Summer Scholarship Researcher: Maree Shirota [MSH]
Original Web Developer: Marie Johnson
Photography: Duncan Shaw-Brown & Eve Welch

Original Website: April 2013

Maree would like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the NZ Federation of Graduate Women, who provided a travel grant that enabled her to deliver a paper based on the project at the ANZAMEMS International Conference in Melbourne, Australia (February 2013). She would also like to thank James Smithies, Amelia Dole, and the postgraduate History students of 2012/13 for their encouragment and support. The editors are grateful to Professor Emeritus Ralph A. Griffiths, OBE (University of Swansea, UK) for his valuable advice.

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