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Security Contacts

In an Emergency

  • On Campus all emergencies 6111
  • Off Campus or by cell phone 0800 823 637 (also for Security, Health and Safety, Hazards, Construction complaints)
  • POLICE 111
  • FIRE 111

General Security Contacts

  • On Campus UC Security Inquiries 6888
  • Off Campus or by cell phone 03 364 2888


Security on Campus

It is important to the University to provide a safe and secure campus for the benefit of every person using it. The University provides a comprehensive security service however security must be every ones concern and you are encouraged to support your campus security staff.
If you have questions or concerns regarding security, please contact Ken McEwen -Manager Security & Campus Community Support, Learning Resources on ext 93776.

The University’s Security Services is located at 114 Ilam Road.

Security Officers patrol the campus 24hrs 7 days a week and provide assistance and support for Students and Staff. All Security staff are trained in First Aid and the use of the University’s Defibrillator in case of cardiac arrest. Officers patrol on foot, on Segway personal transporters, on mountain bikes and by vehicle so expect to see them anywhere at any time.

UC Security Officers are approachable and knowledgeable about the campus. If you are lost or need assistance, please ask one of them for help.

Report any suspicious behaviour on campus to Security, no matter how minor it may appear. Vigilance and prompt reporting helps prevent incidents and it might be you or a close friend that you are saving from an unpleasant situation. Advice and help is also available-from the Student Health Service.

Things to Remember

  • Avoid walking alone at night
  • Travel with a friend when ever possible
  • Always use well illuminated walkways and recommended walking routes at night.
  • Report any unusual behavior to security even the smallest incident.
  • Ensure that all vehicles are locked when parked.
  • If you are uncomfortable at any time, call the security office (6888) and ask for assistance, it is just good sense to do so.

Help point towers

There are 13 help towers located across campus to provide information any time, and immediate assistance in an emergency.
Press the black button for information, and the red button in an emergency. In an emergency, wait at the tower until help arrives. UC Security will monitor you via security cameras until a security guard reaches you. The red button is for genuine emergencies only and misuse will be treated seriously.

Incident Reporting

You can help the University to safeguard the campus by reporting all thefts and other incidents. Even if you have informed others, please ensure that University Security is also notified. Students, staff and visitors are encouraged to report any breaches of security on campus. This can be done anonymously, if you prefer.

Statistics prepared from these reports are important for planning improved security arrangements. Information which is useful includes the location of the incident, the number of people involved, environmental factors such as lighting and accessibility of the area.

These records are confidential; If possible, reports should be made in person to the University Security Office at 114 Ilam Road. Alternatively, telephone extension 6888 or 6111 (in an EMERGENCY).

Your safety MUST be your concern as well as ours.

Why should you report an Incident?

  • The security of the University community’s property is everyone’s business.
  • It may be through direct involvement or by observation only.
  • By reporting an incident you will be assisting our security division in monitoring problems that occur on campus and introduce where necessary procedures to minimize any reoccurrence.
  • Remember your report could be the last part [the missing part] of a bigger problem or puzzle.

What should I Report?

  • All incidents of DISHONESTY.
  • All Incidents of VIOLENCE.
  • Any property DAMAGE.
  • Any SUSPICIOUS activity.  

Remember the Police will require the following information to assist in any enquiries or investigation:

  • Serial numbers
  • Colour
  • Make & Model
  • Cost
  • Witness if any & Contact details
  • Mobile Phone IMEI Number

How do I report?

To report any incident on Campus just drop into the Security Office situated at 114 Ilam Road.

You will need to complete an Incident Form. This is used by the University Security Services.

Security Officers will advise you on what to do next.

If you report any incident to Security over the phone you will be required to come to the Security Office and complete an Incident Form at your earliest convenience

UC Emergency Response Plan

The University has a comprehensive emergency plan and details of this can be viewed at

Canterbury Card

Do not lend your Canterbury Card. It is for your sole use. Report it immediately if you lose it and remember, the card remains the property of the University and it can be confiscated if you misuse it.

You must be able to prove you are a staff member or student if you are requested by security staff. Your Canterbury Card is the most effective way to do this so carry it with you at all times.

If you need help or advice, ask the Security staff.

Where is the Security Office?

The Security Office is located at 114 Ilam Road.

Building Access


Building access is managed to provide protection to the University community and property whilst continuing to assist in the provision of an open, safe, comfortable and efficiently run environment that contributes towards meeting the teaching and research objectives of the University.

Facilities Services has the responsibility to co-ordinate and manage access control throughout the University through the access coordinator - Security EXT 6360

Individual College access approvers are responsible for access approvals in those areas directly administered by their College / Department / School. If additional access is required, an approval form must be completed by the College / Department or School access approver before access is given.

The Access-Coordinator-Security may override any decision to approve access i.e. For Security reasons, to meet Health & Safety requirements or to comply with Statutory or University regulations.

Note: Restricted Access

Areas that have been classified as sensitive or requiring restrictive control and monitoring for compliance or other security reasons are not included in the General Access approval process.

Building Access Policy

From the UC Policy Library (PDF, 69 KB)

What Access do I get?

  • Students - Your access is dependant on your course requirements and those accesses are preset and uploaded when your Canterbury Card is issued. These access approvals are only valid during the academic terms and expire at the end of the year.
  • Staff - Your access requirements are agreed by the employing College/School/Academic facility or service department and the required access is preset and uploaded when your Canterbury Card is issued.

After-hours access

Security officers are not permitted to open any department/ area for use unless the activity has been scheduled through room bookings and the designated staff supervisor is present.

I forgot my Card, what do I do?

If you have come to campus after hours without your card and are unable to gain access, contact Security Services. Ext 6888 You will be required to prove who you are and if you have approved access to the area so do not be surprised or annoyed. This is done for your protection and the protection of the University.

Requests for assistance with access

Security are not permitted to admit a Student, staff member or visitor to an area to which they do not have approved access, without the appropriate Access Approver's written authority.

What if I need additional Access

Additional Access will only be granted with the approval of the Access Approver for that building/area.

All requests for visitor or additional building access to be loaded onto your Canterbury card must be submitted on the appropriate building access form and be approved by your Access Approver.

  • Restricted Building Access Request Form (DOC, 101 KB) ( PDF, 32 KB) Staff only
  • Additional Building Access Request Form ( DOC,102 KB) ( PDF, 33 KB) Staff only
  • Key Request Form ( DOC, 28 KB) ( PDF, 8 KB) Staff only

Advice and Tips

Help Us To Help You

You can help make the campus safer and more secure for everyone by:

  • Recognizing and avoiding potentially risky situations.
  • Reporting any thefts or suspicious behaviour to Security.

Tips to help you take charge of your own safety

  • Be alert and walk purposefully. Confidence deters attackers.
  • Use the following recommended walking routes on campus at night:
  • Avoid lonely or gloomy places, walk with friends or stay with a crowd.
  • Be wary of strangers, on foot or in cars, asking directions - it is better to be rude than to be in trouble.
  • If someone follows you, go to a place where there are other people.
  • Respect your intuition. Don’t allow rationality to override your ‘sixth sense’ - it could protect you from danger.
  • When you’re socializing, play smart. One drink too many could make you vulnerable.

Taking public transport

  • Know your timetables to avoid long waits - especially if you’re alone.
  • Rather than sit in lonely, closed-in shelters, keep to open, populated areas in full view.
  • Phone for taxis rather than hailing them; if possible have someone see you off; keep a note of the taxi number; sit in the back seat on the opposite side to the driver; and don’t disclose personal information.

Taking your car

  • Park in well-lit, designated areas.
  • Hold your keys ready to open the door and be prepared to use them to jab an attacker.
  • Check the back seat or hatch for intruders before getting into the car.
  • Once inside, lock all doors and (if possible) leave windows up until you have reached your destination safely.
  • Move your car to designated (recommended) Car parking area on campus if studying after dark.
  • All vehicles require a current parking permit between 8am – 5 pm Monday to Friday during February to the end of November. Staff/student permits are not required on campus after 5pm on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.
  • The Security Services have three simple tips for when you leave your car: LOOK - LOCK - LEAVE
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