Student Attitude Information System (SAES) for Years 7-10

High school girls students landscape

SAES (7-10) surveys students to identify school-wide trends that have an impact on student achievement and engagement. This can inform the evidence-based decision making for the improvement of teaching and learning.

The comprehensive online feedback provides a comparison with national data to illustrate what makes your school unique. The surveys are administered in Term 3.

SAES (7-10) assesses students' attitudes to:

  • School life.
  • School lessons.
  • Future aspirations.
  • Home and family life.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Personal or traumatic events in the past 12 months that affected school work.
  • Bullying and places where students feel unsafe.
  • Peer attitudes.

SAES results

Feedback is given in the form of comparison graphs.

Interpreting the graph

SATIS Results Comparison Graph Sample

You see your own school's data in the foreground (as bar graphs) against the data for the project sample as a whole, represented as the background area.

The percentage in any one year should be treated as an estimate. The uncertainty is indicated by the short line on the bar graph (for mathematicians, this line represents a 95% confidence limit). You can interpret this line as indicating the amount of variation that might occur from year to year simply due to the fact that you get a different sample of students each year.

SATIS Results Comprehensive Comparison Graph Sample

The more students in your school who answer the questionnaire items the shorter the error bars. Therefore the way to interpret the uncertainty line is to say that if the edge of the background shaded area crosses the uncertainty line, there isn't any significant difference between your data and the data from the other schools.

SAES survey feedback examples

View examples of SAES feedback from Aotearoa College

SAES prices

$4.75 per student per year group.

Please note that prices are exclusive of GST.