Marketing is the driving force behind the design and production of goods and services. It begins long before products and services become available and influences design and production by analysing customer needs and expectations.

UC is the top-ranked Marketing university in New Zealand for research and our teachers are regular recipients of UC Teaching Awards. Our research informs our teaching.

The UC BCom is heavily focused on industry relevance with extensive links to business, internship and project opportunities and real-world experience.

Young entrepreneurs can get experience in competitions and incubator experiences via the Centre for Entrepreneurship. These build product development, planning, project management and teamwork skills as well as building the networks and connections essential for business success.

Marketing is also available as a minor in the Bachelor of Arts.

Internships are a feature of the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and give students real-world experience in a local business or organisation in the third year of their BCom.

They can be credited towards your degree. 

  • See MKTG 390 for more information on a Marketing internship.

Our Summer School course MKTG204 is a short programme on consumer behaviour focusing on why and how consumers make decisions and behave in certain ways. (NOTE: course not offered in 2017/2018) 

A not-for-profit UC company run by students, entré is for all tertiary students in the Canterbury region. It aims to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, to encourage innovation and creativity and to educate students in the basic elements of business development.

entré hosts competitions, workshops and networking events, including seminars designed to cover the basic knowledge essential to an entrepreneur. They are presented by industry experts. Each seminar provides relevant and practical knowledge for students hoping to enter the business world.

So, whether you are in Commerce, Engineering, Arts, Law, Science or Education – entré offers something for everyone.

UCom is one of the largest and most established clubs on campus with a strong focus on social, academic and industry areas. UCom has an award-winning social calendar, academic support throughout the year as well as skills sessions and numerous opportunities to meet industry professionals. Our year includes, but is not limited to events such as barbecues, concerts, and the annual UCom Ball. We provide academic tutorials, opportunities to connect with industry leaders and skills sessions to help improve your CV. Check out our Facebook page.

UC Business School maintains extensive industry ties and staff in the various specialities link to professional bodies for their disciplines. Student engagement in industry bodies encourages best practice and builds career-enhancing networks.

  • Graduate Diploma in Commerce: This is an ideal transition to postgraduate study in Marketing but is also suitable for non-Commerce graduates with an interest in Marketing.
  • Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (Marketing): This programme offers a higher level of academic achievement and a greater understanding of the relationship between theory, research and practice with an emphasis on analytical, communication and project management skills. It is also a pathway to the Master of Commerce.
  • Master of Commerce (Marketing): The MCom programme allows students to learn more about Marketing but also enhances their ability to critically view the world and carry out an independent research project. All students are required to take a 30-point paper on research methods (MKTG 620), which serves as a prerequisite for a 90-point Thesis (MKTG 694), where students carry out an independent piece of academic research.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing): Students will prepare a thesis which will make an original contribution to knowledge in marketing.

For more information see our graduate and postgraduate options page. You can also view staff research interests for potential supervisors.

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