UCE Deloitte Business Case Competition 2018

UCE Business Case Competition Students Pitching

Do you see yourself leading a company one day - CEO? CFO? Start that journey with a Business Case Competition. 

Want to supercharge your CV and stand out from the rest? Get a leg up with a Business Case Competition.

Do you love coming up with strategic solutions to business problems? Sign up now for the UCE Deloitte Business Case Competition.

The UCE Deloitte Business Case Competition is a great way to hone your skills. It is one of the best ways to kick-start a career in consulting and professional services.

Some of the world’s brightest students (people like you) are taking part in Business Case Competitions all over the world. Case Competitions develop and test your skills as an innovative, creative and critical thinker.

What happens?

Once per term we host a workshop/competition day. Being part of the competition gives you access to coaching and mentoring throughout the year.

At each workshop/competition day you will:

  • Develop your skills - The morning workshop is an opportunity to meet your team and hone your skills.

  • Analyse the case - In the afternoon the team receives a 'case' - often developed around a real-world company.

  • Prepare a strategy - As a team, you have 1 hour to pull the case apart. You develop an innovative, creative and workable strategy for the company to put in place.

  • Pitch your concept - At the end of the hour, you present your strategy to a panel of judges and sometimes a representative of the company! 

Top performers at UC competitions are selected to travel to national and international case competitions - a perfect opportunity to prove yourself and grow your professional networks. Several past competitors have received job offers as a direct result of attending these national competitions.

Set yourself apart from the crowd by being part of this professional development opportunity! Sign up now and you will be able to attend workshops run by professionals from Deloitte and compete against other teams at UC. The next contest is on the 14th of March.

Schedule for 14 March

11.00 - 11.50 Workshop "How to case comp - an introduction to Business Case Competitions"
11.50 - 12.00 Team formation
12.30 - Case Competition Starts

The Case Competition has a 'rolling start' so that each team has the case for 60 minutes and presents for 10 minutes.

Team 1 - Case received 12.30, presents 1.30-1.40
Team 2 - Case received 12.45, presents 1.45-1.55
Team 3 - Case received 1.00, presents 2.00-2.10
Team 4 - Case received 1.15, presents 2.15-2.25
Team 5 - Case received 1.30, presents 2.30-2.40
Team 6 - Case received 1.45, presents 2.45-2.55
Team 7 - Case received 2.00, presents 3.00-3.10
Team 8 - Case received 2.15, presents 3.15-3.25

3.45 - 4.00 Winner announced

How many people in a team?
- You compete in teams of 4.

Can I signup with a friend?
- For sure. You can sign up as an individual, with a friend or two, and as a whole team of 4. Encourage your friends and classmates to sign up.

Are there any restrictions on age/degree/field etc?
- There are no restrictions on entry into the UC competition - any UC student can compete. National and International competitions may have restrictions. The SDS Nationals require you to be an undergraduate and less than 25 years old.

Sign up now!

You can sign up as an individual and we will find you a team. Or you can form your own team and sign up together. Sign up right now via this form!

If you have any questions come to one of our information sessions (The next one is Tuesday 6 March in Undercroft 101) or email james.carr@canterbury.ac.nz

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