Slack and communication in business

08 June 2018

We all know that good communication is the success of any project, big or small. The team behind the scenes at UCE are big fans of a couple of tools to keep us all on track. Here’s a quick run-down of our top two favourites.

  • UCE Communication in Business

Firstly, Slack.

This app and web-based communication platform has been named the fastest growing enterprise software ever, taking just 1.25 years for Slack to reach a billion dollar valuation. It continues to grow at 100% annually and is currently valued at just over $5 billion. Success has not always been easy. In fact, Slack came from a pivot of a failed game company called ‘Glitch’.

The platform itself is laid out in ‘teams’ which allows for groups to work together with ease. Within this, different channels help to keep organisation to the flow of chat and ideas. Each channel may be public (to everyone in the group) or private (invite only from the wider group). Direct messages can also be used to message individual members in the group.

Here at UCE, one of our channels is called ‘staffroom’ and another is solely kept for ‘event ideas’. When we hold events and challenges we often set up Slack for the event and each team has their own channel, this allows the teams to communicate with each other and also back to the UCE team for any issues or queries.

Another platform which is used by many startups is Trello.

Unlike Slack, this is a web-based project management application. With an estimated 20 million plus users worldwide they must be doing something right. Trello can be used by individuals and teams alike.

On this platform, ‘boards’ differentiate the projects you are working on. Within each board, workflows can be adjusted and are as flexible as needed.

At UCE, we use a different Trello Board for the preparation of each new challenge. On the board, we have areas for ‘to do’, ‘work in progress’ and ‘completed’ tasks. Cards can then be added to each of these areas and assigned to individual team members. Each card notes a separate task that needs to be completed, often with a due date and a checklist attached.

You can find these tools here: Slack & Trello


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