Research and teaching

UC Business School is committed to providing a supportive and vibrant research environment. Our academic staff are involved in a number of research areas and continue to produce and publish works that have significant impact and relevance in the fields of business.

Research by the UC Business School not only informs teaching, it is often a part of student learning, and postgraduate students regularly are part of inquiries and projects. It also leads to publications in various academic, professional and popular forums. Our staff regularly present papers at academic conferences in New Zealand and overseas.

Upcoming research seminars

Research seminars are held during the academic year and cover a wide range of research topics. Presenters include UC Business School academics, Erskine fellows and visitors and postgraduate students.

Research areas, centres and groups

Early career research awards

The University of Canterbury Early Career Research Awards recognise the outstanding work and achievements of up and coming academics.

UC Teaching Awards

UC Business School staff frequently feature in the UC Teaching Awards.

UC Teaching Medal

The University of Canterbury Teaching Medal is awarded in recognition of an outstanding and sustained contribution to teaching in the University. The Teaching Medal is the University's highest award for teaching excellence.

Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Award

The annual Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards (TTEA) aim to recognise and encourage excellence in tertiary education, at a national level. They provide an opportunity for teachers to further their careers and share good practice in teaching.

Erskine visitors

The Erskine Programme enables academics from UC Business School to travel overseas in order to advance their knowledge in their chosen field. The fund is also available to bring overseas experts to assist with teaching and research at UC, mainly at graduate level.