Rhonda Powell

LecturerDoctor Rhonda Powell

School of Law Rm310
Internal Phone: 93954

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research relates to the intersection of human rights law and health law, particularly regarding medico-legal issues in pregnancy and childbirth

Recent Publications

  • Cheer U., Taylor L., Masselot A., Baird N. and Powell RL. (2017) Flexible and Part-time Work Arrangements in the Canterbury Legal Profession.Commissioned by Canterbury Women's Legal Association.
  • Dixon L., Gray E., Banks M., McDonald C., Gullam J. and Powell RL. (2017) Breech presentation at term: Reviewing the evidence for the New Zealand context. Journal- New Zealand College of Midwives
  • Mcdonald E; Powell RL; Stephens M; Hunter R (Ed.) (2017) Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Rino - A Two-Stranded Rope. Oxford: Hart Publishing. http://www.bloomsburyprofessional.com/uk/feminist-judgments-of-aotearoa-new-zealand-9781509909759/.
  • Powell RL. (2017) Health Law in New Zealand by PGD Skegg and Ron Patterson. Canterbury Law Review [Book Review].
  • Powell RL. (2017) International Surrogacy and Parenthood in New Zealand: Crossing Geographical, Legal and Biological Borders. Child and Family Law Quarterly 29(2): 149-163.