John Hopkins

Associate ProfessorAssociate Professor John Hopkins

Law 332
Internal Phone: 93737

Qualifications, Memberships & Awards

Research Interests

Research interests are mainly in the fields of comparative public law and international law. Much of his work has examined the development of federal or multi-level governance at the domestic and international levels. Although most of his work has examined systems of autonomy within nation-states, his recent focus has been the connection between domestic and international public law and the application of federal ideas to international organisations. Other research interests include administrative justice and constitutional history.

Recent Publications

  • Hopkins WJ. (2017) Devolution. In Wolfrum R; Lachenmann F; Grote R (Ed.), Max Plank Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law: 18.Oxford University Press.
  • Hopkins WJ. (2017) The Ombudsman. In Wolfrum R; Lachenmann F; Grote R (Ed.), Max Plank Encylopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law: 13. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Collins T., Finn J., Holderness H., Hopkins W. and Toomey J. (2016) The Canterbury earthquakes 2010-11 - selected legal issues. Australian Environment Review 31(9) 3: 324-328.
  • Hopkins WJ. (2016) A Silent Saviour? The SEA and European Resilience. Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong: 30 Years after the Single European Act, 29-30 Jun 2016
  • Hopkins WJ. (2016) Reasons and Reasoning: Does a Requirement to Provide Reasons lead to Reasoned Decision Making. University of Auckland, New Zealand: Administrative Law Workshop on the Work of Jerry Mashaw, 11-11 Feb 2016