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Associate ProfessorRenwick Dobson

Biological Sciences 620
Internal Phone: 95145

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Research Interests

Research in our lab focuses on the structure, function and inhibition of key enzymes involved in infection and disease. We are also interested in the evolution of enzyme function, and conversely its design and manipulation.We study a variety of enzymes: from those responsible for the biosynthesis of amino acids, in particular lysine, since these are validated drug targets; to glycolytic enzymes, such as pyruvate kinase, since these are tractable model systems to understand enzyme allostery. The list is ever increasing.A common theme in the lab is the role protein-protein interactions in a variety of biological systems, mostly derived from bacteria, but more recently including eukaryotic proteins involved in cancer, where we hope to address the twin problems of how and why proteins form complexes and the functional consequences of these associations.

Recent Publications

  • Kavianinia I., Yang S-H., Kaur H., Harris PWR., Dobson RCJ., Fairbanks AJ. and Brimble MA. (2017) Synthesis and incorporation of an advanced lipid peroxidation end-product building block into collagen mimetic peptides.. Chemical Communications
  • Pearce FG., Hudson AO., Loomes K. and Dobson RCJ. (2017) Dihydrodipicolinate synthase: Structure, dynamics, function, and evolution. Subcellular Biochemistry 83: 271-289.
  • Peng F., Widmann S., Wünsche A., Duan K., Donovan KA., Dobson RCJ., Lenski RE. and Cooper TF. (2017) Effects of beneficial mutations in pykF gene vary over time and across replicate populations in a long-term experiment with bacteria.. Molecular Biology and Evolution
  • Rogov VV., Stolz A., Ravichandran AC., Rios-Szwed DO., Suzuki H., Kniss A., Löhr F., Wakatsuki S., Dötsch V. and Dikic I. (2017) Structural and functional analysis of the GABARAP interaction motif (GIM). EMBO Reports 18(8): 1382-1396.
  • Cala AR., Nadeau MT., Abendroth J., Staker BL., Reers AR., Weatherhead AW., Dobson RCJ., Myler PJ. and Hudson AO. (2016) The crystal structure of dihydrodipicolinate reductase from the human-pathogenic bacterium Bartonella henselae strain Houston-1 at 2.3 Å resolution. Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology Communications 72(12): 885-891.