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Distinguished Professor
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Research Interests

B. Jack Copeland received his D.Phil. in Philosophy from the University of Oxford (1979) for research on modal and nonclassical logics. He is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Turing Archive for the History of Computing at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, where he was until recently Head of Humanities. Jack has published more than 100 articles and book chapters on the philosophy and history of computing, the philosophy of mind, and philosophical logic. His books include The Essential Turing (Oxford University Press); Colossus: The Secrets of Bletchley Park's Codebreaking Computers (Oxford University Press); Logic and Reality (Oxford University Press); Alan Turing's Automatic Computing Engine (Oxford University Press); and Artificial Intelligence (Wiley-Blackwell).

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

  • Copeland BJ. (2016) Prior, translational semantics, and the Barcan formula. Synthese 193(11): 3507-3519. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11229-015-0955-2.
  • Copeland BJ. and Proudfoot D. (2016) Connectionism, computing with neurons. In Bowen JP; Copeland BJ; Sprevak M; al RJWE (Ed.), The Turing Guide Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Copeland BJ. and Sommaruga G. (2016) The stored-program universal computer: Did Zuse anticipate turing and von Neumann? Turing's Revolution: The Impact of his Ideas About Computability: 43-101. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-22156-4_3.
  • Copeland J., Dresner E., Proudfoot D. and Shagrir O. (2016) Viewpoint: Time to reinspect the foundations? Communications- ACM 59(11): 34-36. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2908733.
  • Copeland BJ. (2015) Invited lecture. Humanomics Research Centre, Copenhagen University, Denmark.