Diane Proudfoot

ProfessorDiane Proudfoot

Honours & Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 601A
Internal Phone: 95376


Research Interests

My current research is in Turing, history and philosophy of computer science, philosophy of language and logic, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of religion, Wittgenstein, and Popper.

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

  • Copeland, BJ. and Proudfoot, D. (2017) Connectionism: computing with neurons. The Turing Guide: 309-314.Oxford University Press.
  • Proudfoot, D. (2017) Child machines. The Turing Guide: 315-325.Oxford University Press.
  • Proudfoot, D. (2017) The Turing test--from every angle. The Turing Guide: 287-300.Oxford University Press.
  • Proudfoot, D. (2017) Turing and free will: a new take on an old debate (IN PRESS). Philosophical Explorations of the Legacy of Alan Turing: Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science Berlin: Springer Verlag.
  • Proudfoot, D. (2017) Turing's concept of intelligence. The Turing Guide: 301-307.Oxford University Press.