Philosophy contacts

Key contacts

Jack Copeland

Head of Philosophy Distinguished Professor
Room 619, Karl Popper Building
Internal Phone: 6486

Diane Proudfoot

Honours & Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 601A
Internal Phone: 95376

Carolyn Mason

Undergraduate Coordinator
Karl Popper 602
Internal Phone: 94330

Pieta Gray

Karl Popper 501
Internal Phone: 94405

Academic staff

Douglas Campbell

Karl Popper 618
Internal Phone: 95349

Jane Cooper

Fixed-term Lecturer

Christopher Thomson

Lecturer and Digital Humanities Co-ordinator
Room 604, Karl Popper Building
Internal Phone: 6896

Michael-John Turp

Library Liaison
Karl Popper 603
Internal Phone: 94396

Adjunct staff

Dr T. E. Forster

Adjunct fellow

Cynthia Macdonald

Adjunct fellow / Professor

Aneta Markoska-Cubrinovska

Adjunct Fellow
Karl Popper 615
Internal Phone: 7228

Peter Wenz

Adjunct Fellow / Emeritus Professor