Art History and Theory contacts

Key contacts

Richard Bullen

Senior Lecturer
Head of Department / Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 507
Internal Phone: 94530

Barbara Garrie

Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 505
Internal Phone: 94504

Rosie Ibbotson

Honours and Postgraduate Diploma Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 506
Internal Phone: 95368

Pieta Gray

English, Art History & Theory, and Cinema Studies Departments
Karl Popper 501
Internal Phone: 94405

Academic staff

David Khan

Karl Popper 512
Internal Phone: 95683

Laura Dunham

Research Assistant
Contract Lecturer
Karl Popper Rm 511
Internal Phone: 94151

Ian Lochhead

Visiting Associate Professor
Karl Popper 509
Internal Phone: 8239

Dr Karen Stevenson

Senior Adjunct Fellow

Dr Warren Feeney

Adjunct Fellow

Dr Jessica Halliday

Contract Lecturer