Study New Zealand's culture through the Arts

View of Aoraki/Mt Cook in New Zealand

The College of Arts offers many courses in which you can learn about and engage with New Zealand's unique culture, history, customs and traditions, and interact with teachers who know more about these subjects than anyone else in the world. You will be able to watch our movies and plays, listen to our music, read our books, and learn about our landscape through our art, while living in the country that inspired them all.

Get out of the classroom

Field trips

Many courses in the arts at UC get you out of the classroom and into the local environment and community. The university has an extensive network of field stations and connections with local businesses and organisations that provide a range of exciting off-campus opportunities for study abroad students.

Courses with off-campus experiences


As a UC Study Abroad student, you’ll have the chance to gain work experience and apply your analytical skills in PACE 295, a for-credit internship course offered by UC’s College of Arts which combines academic theory with a real-world internship project.

Students accepted into the internship course work with a local New Zealand organisation on a specially designed project, under the supervision of a specialist lecturer. The hours are flexible and can be completed throughout the semester and/or during term breaks, and each project has measurable milestones.

PACE 295 is worth 15 points and can be taken alongside other UC courses. A 300-level version of the course worth 30 points is also available.

Past internship projects

  • Food Sustainability Network and urban gardens project work
  • GIS mapping and environmental projects
  • Health care and community wellbeing facilitators and conference organisation
  • Working with social entrepreneurship organisations and companies
  • Film, photography and documentaries, and many more.

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Recommended courses

UC offers a wide range of Liberal Arts courses from Languages to Humanities and Social Sciences. We recommend international students consider courses with unique New Zealand content so that you will be able to fully experience New Zealand.

The following courses are just a taste of what’s on offer at UC. See for more courses.

Courses with unique New Zealand content

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