Carolyn Mason

LecturerCarolyn Mason

Undergraduate Coordinator
Karl Popper 602
Internal Phone: 94330

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My three main research areas are: (1) reasons for action and rationality, including the implications of theories about reasons and rationality for ethics; (2) research ethics and bioethics, particularly issues associated with artificial reproductive technologies; and (3) philosophy of relationships.

Recent Publications

  • Mason CE. (2017) The Unnaturalness Objection to De-Extinction: A Critical Evaluation. Animal Studies Journal 6(1) 4: 40-60.
  • Mason CE. and Forrest N. (2017) Frozen Embryo Disputes and Last-Chance Procreation. Dunedin, New Zealand: New Zealand Bioethics Conference, 27-28 Jan 2017
  • Mason EG. and Mason CE. (2017) Last word. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 62(1): 43-44.
  • Mason CE. (2016) Nudging to Increase New Zealand’s HIV Diagnosis Rate. Christchurch: New Zealand HIV Nurses Education Day.
  • Mason CE. (2016) Should New Zealand Legalise Euthanasia? University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand: Canterbury Physiotherapy Committee, AGM Opening Address.