Beth Hume

DeanBeth Hume

Locke 210
Internal Phone: 94162


Research Interests

Professor Hume's research focusses on understanding the sound systems underlying human language and the diversity of factors that influence them. Working with collaborators from the US and Canada, she is investigating how the predictability of words influences how they are produced. Another line of research studies the physical and cognitive factors that influence how we perceive speech sounds. Her research draws on data using descriptive, experimental and corpus-based methods.

Recent Publications

  • Hall KC. and Hume E. (2016) Predicting Perceptual Similarity of French Vowels: The Influence of Phonology, Phonetics, and Frequency. Annual Meeting on Phonology (under review)
  • Hall KC., Hume E., Jaeger F. and Wedel A. (2016) The Message Shapes Phonology: A Unified Account of Strong and Weak Patterns. Stanford: Department of Linguistics (under review)
  • Hume E. (2016) Phonological Markedness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 250.
  • Hume E., Hall KC. and Wedel A. (2016) Predicting Perceptually Weak and Strong Unmarked Patterns: A Message-based Approach. Vancouver, Canada: 2015 Annual Meeting of Phonology, 9-11 Oct 2015. In Proceedings of the 2015 Annual mMeeting of Phonology: 1-7.
  • Hume Elizabeth. (2016) Phonological markedness and its relation to the uncertainty of words. Phonological Studies 19: 107-116.