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Leaving a gift in your Will

Just as a legacy to your family contributes to their future, leaving a gift in your Will to the University of Canterbury Foundation helps UC to remain a world-class teaching institution and ensures that future generations of students will be given the opportunity to excel. After you have taken care of your family and friends, please consider remembering UC in this special way and supporting the students of the future.

No gift is too small and every gift could make the difference for students who may not otherwise be able to afford the life-enhancing education UC offers. It could help our expert academics to produce ground-breaking research, or fund cutting-edge resources that attract the brightest students to UC.

Things to think about as you consider a gift to UC

We are happy to answer questions you may have about leaving a gift in your Will to the University of Canterbury Foundation and provide some template text you can use. However, we are unable to provide legal or financial advice, so would recommend you speak to your solicitor or professional estate planner to ensure your Will is an accurate reflection of your personal wishes. 

Specifying your gift to be directed to the 'University of Canterbury Foundation' means that 100% of your gift will support UC students, research and projects.

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Having a Will is important

A Will is the best way to ensure that your final wishes will be carried out. It is personally tailored so those closest to you are provided for in the way you intend, and allows you to support causes you care about.

Without a Will, family and friends may have to make decisions on your behalf, or face financial and legal hurdles to tie up your estate in the way they think you may have wanted. Part of your estate may be received by people whom you never intended to benefit. It is also possible that a substantial amount of your estate may go towards legal bills or go to the State.

Making a Will may also reduce your tax liability. We recommend you speak to a qualified legal professional about this.

Types of legacyPhoto of library

The family, friends, causes and charities who would benefit under the terms of your Will are your 'beneficiaries'. When thinking about what you would like your benficiaries to receive, there are different ways of expressing your intentions:

  • pecuniary legacy is a specific sum of money or monies-worth (such as shares). Inflation will erode this value over time, so you may want to review these types of gifts regularly.
  • specific legacy or named gift would include, for example, a house or specific property, car, shares, furniture or jewellery. If you are considering such a gift to UC we would encourage you to discuss it with us in advance to be sure you are comfortable with how we may plan to use your gift. For example, if UC cannot benefit from the gift directly, we would want to know that you would be happy for us to sell it and utilise the proceeds.
  • residiary legacy is a gift of part or all of the remainder of your estate - often expressed as a percentage - after other legacies have been deducted and any debts, tax and other costs (including funeral and legal expenses in the administration of your estate) have been paid. Generally this gift is of the greatest benefit to UC, as it's value increases in line with the value of your estate over time.     

Choose how you would like UC to use your gift

Your gift can be designated for a specific purpose or be given as a general purpose gift that UC can use in the areas most in need at that time. This is likely to be one of the following:

  • Student scholarships and support servicesPhoto of students
  • Research and teaching
  • Libraries and collections
  • Programmes
  • Buildings and facilities

If you have a strong connection to a faculty, department, subject, discipline or student body, you can choose where to direct your gift. You may wish to preserve the memory of your own name or the name of someone special to you. We recommend you talk this through with us so we can let you know the options and provide some guidance on the wording for your Will, to ensure your wishes will be taken into account.

Let us know your intentions

If you have already chosen to remember UC in this special way - thank youPlease consider letting us know. All information will remain confidential and is not binding in any way, but does allow us to:

  • Show our appreciation for your generosity
  • Invite you to special 'pledgers' events
  • Keep in touch and ensure future mailings are more relevant to you.

More information

Contact: Kathryn Marshall, Development Consultant - Legacies, Alumni & UC Foundation
phone: +64 3 369 5530 or +64 27 559 1968

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