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Who benefits when you give

The University of Canterbury has a positive impact on lives in New Zealand and overseas - through inspirational teaching, the development and nurturing of talented students who go on to be leaders in their communities and professions, and through research that impacts on the everyday lives of people.

We have been fortunate enough to receive philanthropic support throughout our history, and like many universities, donations have allowed us to achieve more than is possible from government funding alone, it allows us to be exceptional. 

Unique to the University of Canterbury is the impact that philanthropic support can have on the fabric of the campus, students and our community in re-building for a 21st century education following the devastating impact of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. 

Support one of our funds and help us to achieve even more.

Support scholarships

Scholarships allow the brightest and most able students to receive a University of Canterbury education regardless of their financial background. In 2014 the University of Canterbury Foundation disbursed $1.8m in support of scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate level across the colleges at UC.

The Brightstart Scholarship and Emerging Leaders Scholarships are key examples of how scholarships allow students to access tertiary education.

Support research

UC research has a positive impact on society in New Zealand and overseas every year through research that is undertaken for the public benefit and funded by donations from individuals and organisations. Examples in the last 12 months include arable research into rye grass, cancer treatments and microbiology, wireless and waterways research.

Help us rebuild

While the students and the academic teaching staff are the heart and soul of the university the buildings and facilities support that experience.

The university was fully insured to replace what has been lost or damaged in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and has received Government funding in support of new buildings for Engineering and Science. UC are looking not to simply replace what was lost, but redefine our campus into a modern and well equipped environment that’s relevant to teaching and our community in the 21st century. Financial support is essential to this vision.

Support our community

The university offers several services that support our wider community, the delivery of these programmes are only possible with the generous support of our alumni and friends.

Two examples are the Pukemanu-Dovedale clinic for Child and Family Psychology that gives students clinical experience while being fully supervised by academics, it also provides an essential services to over 100 local families each year.

The Pasifika Outreach Programme works with secondary school children, giving them university experiences and helping them to aspire to continue their studies beyond school.

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